Medical robots are created with the intention to overcome limitations in performing minimal invasion surgeries (MIS). MIS can be performed by robots that are controlled by specialized surgeons. This robots use specialized instruments and viewing equipment that are inserted into the body through really small incisions compared with incisions of normal surgeries. This kind of surgeries help minimize surgical trauma and damage to other tissues, and also shortens patients recovery time.

Minimally invasive surgery


Another advantage of robot assisted surgery is that they can be performed remotly, which can be really helpful in complex surgeries, because they can be performed by experts from around the world without the need of being in the same hospital as you.

Even though robotically assisted surgery has its benefits is not accesible in every hospital because of its high elevated costs, the cost of the robots may be between 1 to 2 million dolars each.

One of the most advanced systems is the da Vinci System that  consists in an ergonomicly designed surgeon console and a patient cart with 4 robotic arms (one to control a high resolution endoscope and the other 3 to control instruments).

Da Vinci surgical system